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About Rethink Everything

Rethink Everything is a podcast about people and organisations that are proactively rethinking the future of organisations and the way we do work. The podcast discusses how we can prepare organisations and individuals to become resilient in the face of growing levels of complexity and uncertainty in the world.

Meet The Hosts


Renae has over nine years of experience leading and coaching organisations through their transformation to an Agile mindset, including the establishment of roles, development of cross functional teams and improvement of supporting practices and principles. Renae has also affected organisational cultural change by coaching individuals to adapt to an agile mindset from an individual or fixed mindset.

Renae is a strong facilitator and is passionate about building Scrum delivery teams that can self-organise to achieve commitments and hold themselves accountable for all outcomes.


An aspiring and upcoming coach who has empathy to the future role of project management and how it must adapt to a greater need for agility. David wants to build modern work practices in support of the increasing levels of complexity organisations face.

He is passionate about challenging the status quo and existing paradigms that exist within organisation to create collaborative working environments.

Reaching out to our broader community

At Rethink Everything, we see feedback as a gift and our ideas as the building blocks to achieving great things. So we would love to hear yours.


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